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Since establishing his independent consulting practice, David Keeble has been in considerable demand as a speaker at conferences.  This site contains a few of his presentations, in the form in which they were first presented.

(Most of these are slides with speaker notes. To read the speaker notes, you will probably have to move the bottom border of the slides. And to see all the material on a slide with animation, you will need to click once on the slide for each animation.)

Digital Television Receivers in Canada: their industrial and policy implications

April 2000

The Law Society of Upper Canada asked for a presentation in 2000 on the implications of the set-top box for the broadcasting environment in Canada, from both an industry and policy point of view.

The resulting presentation was a landmark event which accurately predicted the ground on which the industry and regulator would engage over the next few years on a number of issues connected with digital television. It can be viewed here as a slide show or as a paper.

Insight 2010

New: A presentation on the new competitive environment resulting from the vertical integartion of media and telecom companies, and the role of content plays in that competitive environment.

Strategic Appliances: How the new receivers are changing the media

June 1999
The Insight 99 conference. “How to meet the challenge of the IP revolution” asked for a presentation based on the report: "Strategic Appliances: the Impact of the Digital Home on the Communications Industries. The link at left leads to the slides and speakers' notes from that presentation.

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