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David Keeble

David Keeble is an independent business strategy consultant in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, specializing in the impact of new technology.

In his consulting role he provides a range of services including strategy and policy development, research, and the creation of business and regulatory presentations, focusing primarily but not exclusively on the broadcasting and communications industries. 

Recent clients include:

The Ministry of Culture, Province of Ontario
Ontario Media Development Corporation
The Department of Canadian Heritage
The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage
The Canadian Association of Broadcasters
Rogers Broadcasting
The CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission)
Astral Media

He is in frequent demand as a speaker on the impact of new technology on business and policy.

Mr. Keeble started his independent consulting practice in 1998, after a career as a broadcaster and planner. Between October, 2004 and July, 2006, he was Senior Vice-President, Policy and Regulatory Affairs for the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. Until the end of 1997 he was Senior Director, Strategic Planning and Regulatory Affairs, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, reporting to the CEO at its head office in Ottawa. Since resuming his consulting practice in 2006, he has completed major projects for the Ontario Media Development Corporation, Rogers Broadcasting, Astral Media, the CRTC, the Ministry of Culture for Ontario and, in partnership with Connectus Consulting, Inc., for the Department of Canadian Heritage, among others.

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